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90% of organisations fail to implement their

strategies successfully, not because the strategies were

wrong, but because the organisation was not aligned behind them

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Paul Hodgkins Project Consultancy is able to support, guide and advise business and individual project and programme managers alike, on how best to transform their project and programme management capabilities.

Whether this is from a single intervention to a long term partnership, Paul works as an integral and trusted business partner.  

He provides exceptional knowledge and wisdom, grounded in practical application by assisting, supporting and guiding his customers on their project and programme management transformational journey.

What he does first though is listen; actively.  

It is only by listening to the needs of the individual and of the organisation, now and in the future, that Paul can ensure his expertise is deployed to best effect and that the benefits and outcomes his customers expect, are realised.

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Paul is an accomplished trainer and developer of practitioner capability.

Rather than focus on generic or ‘off the shelf’ project and programme management training or development courses; he will work with you to understand the outcomes and results you wish attain and then to develop or recommend specific approaches that will ensure those results can be achieved.

In Siemens Paul was instrumental in establishing the ‘Siemens UK PM Academy’ which became the first in the UK to attain Association for Project Management accreditation. Launched in 2006, the Siemens UK PM Academy became (and continues to be) the most successful development programme quantitatively and qualitatively, of any in Siemens UK one hundred and seventy year history.

He specialises in and can provide ‘master classes’ on; stakeholder management and the role of the project sponsor.

“Yours was one of the best if not the best presentation from all of our speakers. It was very engaging and insightful – I can only thank you for your time and contribution and look forward to welcoming you again at UCL for your insight on the same or another topic”

Dr Effie Konstantinou

University College London

Paul is an outstanding motivational speaker and presenter on a range of leadership, project and programme management topics.

He has presented at numerous events around the world, including the World Congress of Business Analysts in Barcelona; the International Project Management Association in Denmark, the Institute of International Research in Cyprus, the Project Management Institute (PMI) EMEA Congress in Milan, the Portfolio Experience event 2014 in Warsaw, the Baltic PM Days Conference in Vilnius, the Association for Project Management (APM) Annual Conference in London and at the University College of London (UCL), all of which he was voted as ‘best speaker’.

Training and Practitioner Development

Key Note Speaking and Presenting

Paul can recommend, for those projects and programmes in distress; the best approach to recover ground in the shortest possible time.

By using a simple but effective method, he will work with you and your project and programme teams to get to the root causes quickly. Often in project and programme management recovery situations, time is expended on addressing symptoms, not causes and whilst addressing symptoms may give the illusion everything is ‘under control’; the reality is often very different.

Project and Programme Recovery

He will quickly distinguish between what is important and what matters and work tirelessly to not only get the project or programme back on track; but to ensure the knowledge and learning gained can be embedded to minimise the opportunity for the same symptoms to occur again.

Paul looks forward to hearing from you as to how he can best help your projects and programmes get ‘back on track’.

Paul has excellent coaching and mentoring abilities and has coached countless project and programme managers.  He has helped them to help themselves achieve phenomenal levels of project and programme success.

He is able to use a variety of techniques to release and accelerate their potential toward common organisational and personal goals.

Coaching and Mentoring

Paul can also coach those who are ‘project sponsors’ and who themselves provide coaching to others and would be delighted to discuss your needs.

“I received fantastic support from Paul. He is an extremely capable, enthusiastic and inspirational project management evangelist. It has been a pleasure to see in action Paul’s first rate coaching and mentoring skills as well as the huge breadth of Paul’s knowledge. Paul is a true professional.”

Russell Taylor, Director of Project and Programme Management

Roke Manor Research

Paul was responsible in Siemens for training and chairing assessor panels that evaluated project and programme managers against a defined set of expected competencies and capabilities which were aligned against a global career model.  

These capabilities related not just to the ‘what’ was done, but more importantly; the ‘how’, and the individual, team and project outcomes achieved as a result.

Project and Programme Manager Competence Evaluation

As ‘chair of review board’, he had responsibility for determining at what level the Siemens project and programme managers should reside against the global career model and therefore, the project or programme they were ‘certified’ to manage.

He also provided detailed individual capability and competence feedback to each of the candidates irrespective of whether they were successful or not.  

Under his programme leadership, the number of project and programme managers holding a personal competence development plan increased by more than three hundred per cent.  The number holding a professionally recognised project or programme management qualification increased by two hundred and fifty per cent and the number who became active members of a professional project management organisation increased by seven hundred per cent.

Paul would be delighted to discuss your requirements and to work with you in determining the best approach for project and programme management capability evaluation and career development in your organisation.

“Many thanks for this most comprehensive feedback. I found the whole experience most valuable. I will certainly action your comments and I look forward to seeing you again soon”

Senior Project Manager Candidate

Siemens UK Plc

Paul was responsible for leading a global project business programme known as PM@Siemens for Siemens

in the UK and across the North West Europe cluster as well as supporting its deployment in Australia, Canada, Germany and Russia.

Over the eight years he led this programme, he consistently achieved outstanding results; results which were not only recognised by his local executive management as having made a sustainable and positive difference to the organisation, but at the highest level in Siemens by the then global CEO and President, Peter Loescher.

Paul will work with you by firstly understanding your organisational goals and aspirations and the vision you have for project and programme management development.  

By bringing his experience, knowledge and wisdom he can provide situational analysis, guidance and advice on the practical steps and actions needed to allow your organisational goals and aspirations to be met.

Whether these steps are strategic, tactical or practical or intend to have single, multiple or enterprise level Project Management Offices (PMO’s); Paul looks forward to helping you as you begin, continue or adapt your project and programme management transformational journey.

“I'm always pleased when important achievements of individual people are duly recognised. In this sense, I would like to extend my most cordial congratulations and I wish you continuing success”

Peter Loescher

Former President and CEO – Siemens AG

Organisational Project and Programme Capability Development Project and Programme Manager Competence Evaluation Coaching and Mentoring Project and Programme Recovery Key Note Speaking and Presenting Training and Practitioner Development

Organisational Project and Programme Capability Development

"Thank you for all of your hard work on this topic, it really is an excellent body of work"

Head of Corporate PMO, BBC

"Thank you for all your efforts with us, as always high grade thinking, challenge and friendship. It has been great having you in the team"

Stuart Collins

Head of Projects Portfolio - BBC